Lights Out—Kyiv’s Anticipated Cold and Dehydrated Winter

Lights Out—Kyiv’s Anticipated Cold and Dehydrated Winter


Holding Kherson is critical for Russia and Ukraine.

The entire region sits well along the Dnieper River, allowing space for offensive and defensive movements.  It’s possible that Russia will be using the new soldiers to establish their forward positions, the better to allow the main body of their army to create counteroffensive opportunities.

As of November 9th, with the swirl of biolabs under the direction of the US being run in Ukraine, Reuters is reporting that Russia has ordered a pullback of troops to the southeast area of the Dnieper River.  No large-scale troop movements have been confirmed, however, it is clear to see it is not a retreat, merely a repositioning.

As the war continues to inflict violence against both sides, the UN Security Council has voted against investigating the US “military biological” activities.  The threat of nuclear war is imminent, and the US military biolabs are an equally alarming threat.

With winter coming on, things will only get worse as the war progresses.  According to Sam Mednick of the AP, the mayor of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, is warning residents that they must prepare for the worst this winter if Russia keeps striking the country’s energy infrastructure — and that means having no electricity, water or heat in the freezing cold.

Without question, Russia will continue to pound Ukraine’s power grid and there’s little Ukraine can do about it.

Security Assistance Group Ukraine—US Boots on the Ground

I have been predicting US direct involvement in Ukraine since the initial outbreak of war and now continuing the escalation of the Russo-Ukraine Conflict, the Pentagon announced a new command post, called the Security Assistance Group Ukraine, would establish a more permanent, long-term program to continue US and NATO aid to Ukraine.  The new command post will be led by a three-star-level senior officer and have about 300 personnel to provide weapons assistance and training programs, according to U.S. Army Europe spokesman Col. Martin O’Donnell.

The U.S. has committed more than $18.2 billion in weapons and other equipment to Ukraine since the war began on Feb. 24.  That is the official report, however, the amount of “Black money” and covert funnels of weapons and munitions that has arrived in Ukraine for the past eight months is certain to be much, much higher.

The Security Assistance Group Ukraine is an expeditionary force to establish a forward base for military operations.  This is how all warfare—proxy or otherwise—is conducted.

Drawing ever closer to outright conflict, Russia has now warned the US of eliminating the commercial satellites being used to reveal strategic soldier placement.

Peace—The Ultimate Objective

I am a voice for peace.

The longer this war progresses, the more the US will be pulled into the vortex of death.  We do not have good recent history in fighting war.  While our logistical patterns are well thought out and structured, our strategic and tactical battle skill and competency are not to the same standard.

As the peacekeepers and mediators urge and plead for peace, and call for the halt of all hostilities, the war is hurtling toward the point of no return.

During these episodes of violence and war, history has proven that it is only after too many have died and suffered that cooler heads and voices of peace are finally heard.

In the end, I will continue to declare, without compunction, that the military equation in Ukraine is an unwinnable calculation.

NATO and the US cannot win this war.

Photos: Holly Mindrup, Hizir Kaya, Nikita Karimov, Max Kukurudziak, David Gor


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