Doomed Courage—The End Game of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Doomed Courage—The End Game of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Cultural Demise

The history of warfare has examples of miracles, offensive and defensive.

Despite the courageous defense, and overall military performance of the Ukrainian Military, this won’t be one of those miracles.

Russia’s military is ancient, dating back to the Scythian age. They have always been renowned for their complex military structure. It is being displayed even today, like it was in the WWII era.

Finland totally embarrassed the Soviet Army prior to Operation Barbarossa, as the German Wehrmacht, nearly destroyed them, a few years later.

Then, just a year later, Stalingrad led to Kursk.

After Operation Citadel, there was no army on the earth that could have stopped them.

Through time, from then until now, Russia’s military has shown many faces, and multiple degrees of competence.

Make no mistake, the Ukrainians are vicious and tough because they have been prepared by the Lithuanian and Russian dominance over them through history.

But unfortunately, because they have now been prepared by the US, NATO alliance, they have made too many preparatory mistakes, including unsound logistical mistakes that will not only constrain any offensive they have hope for, but will most likely lead to their cultural demise.


Leaked Reports and Doublespeak

Lies and propaganda continue to spread across Ukraine with the speed of the war.

In the US, the gamers will get a light or stiff sentence, it is irrelevant. In Russia, if anyone tries to go against the military objective and is caught, they won’t even get charged, and certainly won’t get a trial.

They will be marched into a field, or bunker, and their existence will be ended, and we’ll never hear about it.

Assuredly, Russia is not the west.

As for of Prigozhin’s recent criticism of the Russian Government’s prosecution of the war, this is doublespeak. Don’t buy it.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, comes out of Prigozhin’s mouth, without Putin and the Russian Military High Command okaying it.

How this works is like the Hydra, multiple heads, but it’s only for outsiders. Within the military body there is only ONE HEAD, all the other ones are simply for appearance sake.


Too Late

Count the cost.

The Russians did.  They certainly played the wargames to their ultimate conclusion.

We have been playing with the idea of war with Russia over Ukraine long before Trump.

This is not an issue of republican and democrat.  This is an issue of coming into a war way too late. The Ukrainian land has been fought over since before the German Wehrmacht invaded in 1941.

This goes further back to the time of the Lithuanian/Polish Dynasty.

The Russians have been fighting this war for a long time.

If Trump, Biden, or any president thinks the Russians are just going to lay down and let us take Ukraine through military expansion (NATO is a military organization, thus, any expansion by it turns into a military event) they are foolish and unbearably careless.

As a leader, protecting and serving the US Citizen’s best interest is the only equation that matters.

Don’t fight a war unless you mean it and intend to win it.

The war games are conclusive: Russia views NATO and the US’s threat of expansion into Ukraine as an existential threat.

We can laugh at Russia’s Military all we want, theirs is a complex organization.  They are not incompetent buffoons.  NASA has been asking for China and Russia’s support in space exploration for decades.

Biden should have considered the military equation for what it is: A fight to the death.

Fighting Russia on a life and death calculation, as the Germans did in 1941—a war of extermination—is how Russia sees this war, and they are fighting like it.

Biden should have met with the military historians.  They would have educated him on how the German’s fared fighting Russia on those terms.

Then he should have used every single political resource he had to allow for a peaceful solution, or a negotiated proposal, to happen because, as things stand now, we are entering the war hundreds of years too late.

Photos: Damir Spanic, Sunyu


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