Perdition—The Encirclement of Bakhmut and the Reality of a Hellish Nightmare

Perdition—The Encirclement of Bakhmut and the Reality of a Hellish Nightmare

Penicillin vs Decoys


Russia’s Penicillin (counter-artillery system) is acquiring and hunting Ukraine’s artillery batteries, mortars, MRLs, and anti-aircraft systems, forcing the Ukrainians to adjust to new mobile tactics and decoy measures to avoid their destruction.

A Czech company is producing inflatable HIMARS for Ukraine to attempt to fool the Russian Military.

What does not add up is that western propaganda has long reported that Russia was not proficient enough to destroy HIMARS, or any other Ukrainian long-range system.  In order for decoys to be necessary to produce, the Russians are undeniably finding and destroying them.


4 Hours of Hell


According to Troy Offenbecker, a US Marine who alongside Ukrainian forces in the Donbas region, the average life expectancy of a front-line soldier in eastern Ukraine is just four hours.

“It’s been pretty bad on the ground, a lot of casualties,” he said.

It is in the nightmare that is Bakhmut, with Russian artillery savagely pounding the city, where the Ukrainian casualties continue to mount.

For a city that the west says has little to no significance, the Ukrainians surely disagree and are persistently throwing more and more soldiers into the titanic struggle.

The Ukrainians are going to lose Bakhmut.

According to recent maps and war coverage, the Russians have taken full control of the E40 Highway, north of Bakhmut, and are within 15 kilometers from Lyman, and seizing another large section of the high-profile highway.  The E40 Highway is the longest European Route, extending over 8,000 km, connecting Bakhmut, Kharkov, Kiev, as well as pushes out to Krakow, and runs through much of Europe, all the way to the German Bundesland.

The Russians identified this strategic artery and have been relentless in taking hold of it and not letting go, and bringing hell with them.




It is a mistake for Germany to allow the leopard to be exposed to the new evolution of tank warfare that has developed in Ukraine, as it will certainly be exposed to the new reality of war.

It is wise that the US is delaying the Abrams arrival.

Tank warfare has drastically evolved and whether it’s the leopard, Abrams, or prototype T-14, in the end, they have all become prototypes, until the next tank composite evolution is developed. The interchangeable assembly of the T-14 design has already anticipated this evolution.

In my opinion, few countries are above the Russian Military’s knowledge of tank warfare. They are the closest to adopting Liddell Hart’s tank warfare concepts, except for the flawed blitzkrieg tactics the Germans applied 80 years ago in WWII.


Common Sense


In my recent novel, Common Sense, I write about an insane reality—a Dystopian world that centers on the aftermath of nuclear war.

I have said all along that NATO and the US cannot win the Ukraine War. I further stated that differences between two nations does not give us the right to be the world police force. Furthermore, our foreign policy record is atrocious at best. Going beyond further, unless the US has played the war games to their ultimate conclusion, then we best do everything we can to work on being the peacekeeper in global conflict(s) not the war supplier and feeder.

I have studied the Russians nearly my entire life and if there’s one thing that I have been convinced of, since the start of this war, is that Russia HAS PLAYED the war games to their ultimate conclusion. Beyond this, they are NOT BLUFFING. They lost 50,000,000 in the last world war. I have absolutely no doubt that they are willing to lost that many again to defend against a threat they believe is in on their borders.

Russia has a population of 170,000,000.

China has a population of 1,500,000,000.

They both have nukes.

Iran and North Korea are suspected to have nukes, or are close to developing them.

We are $31,600,000,000,000 in debt.

The Ukraine War is another credit card bill we can’t afford.

Photo: Holly Mindrup

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